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Nov 12, 2019 by Ben Southworth
GleanKY is excited to introduce Deirdre Mikolajcik, our new Community Outreach & Development VISTA through the Americorps program! She’ll be working with GleanKY for the next year, helping us better serve more communities throughout Kentucky. Read a little more about her here:  From Deirdre: “Deirdre Mikolajcik holds a Ph.D. in English from the University of Kentucky and has published articles on economics and gender in the Victorian novel. She is | Continue Reading
Oct 08, 2019 by Ben Southworth
Some of GleanKY’s most active and vital volunteers are those who spend a considerable portion of their retirement helping us connect excess produce to those who need it. It turns out, many of our volunteers are also busy all over the area with other groups when they’re not out gleaning with us.   Recently, I was leading a small group of volunteers at UK’s Research Farm, when one of our | Continue Reading
Jul 09, 2019 by Ben Southworth
This time of year, you’ll hear us talking a lot about it being our ‘peak season’ – the time when we’re out gleaning at our highest capacity. It’s when we start getting calls from farms, orchards, and home gardeners, and when even our grocery partners have more for us than usual. What’s even more surprising to me is that this season seems to keep getting longer on either end – | Continue Reading
Jun 18, 2019 by Ben Southworth
Every year, it seems like our farm gleaning season sneaks up on us out of nowhere. Grocery gleaning gets into a great, easy-to-manage routine during our ‘off-season’ from January and May, then suddenly we’re fielding calls from multiple farmers in a week. So far this year, we’ve been to a number of farms to glean fresh produce at the source:   Hazelfield Farm in Owen County for green onions Salad | Continue Reading
Jun 06, 2019 by Ben Southworth
From our Fayette County Coordinator, Jimmy Earley:   “A few weeks ago I received an email from Family Care Center informing me that they had chosen GleanKY as their Community Partner of the Year.  The award was to be presented at the 2019 Family Care Center High School Graduation. FCC is doing so much for our community that I find it difficult not to just stop here and enumerate all | Continue Reading