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Year One: The Beginning

It began with one man’s passion for gleaning. John Walker and his neighbors are passionate about gardening and understand that bountiful harvests often yield more than one family can eat. They routinely donate their excess produce to a nearby women’s shelter.

Year Two: Est. Faith Feeds

In 2011, our harvest gleaned from Reed Valley Orchard in Bourbon County increased nearly three-fold for a total of 23,749 pounds of peaches, apples, pears, squash, and pumpkins.

Year Three: Mission Effectiveness

You know the feeling you have after accomplishing a significant goal — exhausted but on a natural high? We closed out 2012 on that natural high. Our success in this year of operations was remarkable.

Year Four: Abundant Growth

 Blessed! Thankful! Overwhelmed! Inspired! Grateful! Speechless! Excited! — These are just a few of the adjectives that describe my feelings about your generosity and the work done by Glean Kentucky this year.

Year Five: Hero for the Hungry

269,432 pounds of produce gleaned in Fayette County this year with an additional 10,888 pounds gleaned in the surrounding counties. What a year!

Year Six: Community Impact

Glean Kentucky believes that no one should lack nutrition while fresh produce is thrown away. We made 618 gleaning trips in 2015!

Year Seven: One Million Pounds!

At the start of the year, Glean Kentucky was celebrating the impending hire of its third full-time employee. Our gleaning operation was growing by leaps and bounds and the winter no longer offered a respite from the business of the growing season.

Year Eight: Intentional Growth

Our mission has always been described as simple and tangible — a “no brainer” in the minds of many who hear about it. When our volunteers see the scale of fresh produce we rescue on a regular basis, anything other than redistributing it to our food-insecure neighbors seems unacceptable.

Year Nine: Cultivating Relationships

Year after year, our work grows in nearly every metric. We glean more pounds of produce from more farms, markets, and groceries. We deliver critical nutrition to more hard-working social service agencies, and we train more volunteers, ready to glean with us.

YEAR TEN: A Decade of Gleaning

Wow! In our tenth year, we’ve had some major accomplishments. Glean Kentucky is going stronger than ever!

Our Financial Status

Where to find more information

You can always read more about our financial status by viewing our most recent audit and our most recent 990. Please reach out with any questions!


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