Help food-insecure people in your area

Glean Kentucky partners with soup kitchens, food pantries, congregations, nonprofits

and community members to distribute the food we glean to those who need it.

Any organization or person is eligible to receive food from Glean Kentucky as long as they

distribute the food for free to food-insecure individuals.

Apply To Be A Recipient

Let us know if you’re interested in receiving fresh fruits and vegetables from Glean Kentucky to feed food-insecure people by filling out our Recipient Application, and we’ll reach out as soon as we can. 

Did You Know We Have Neighborhood Ambassadors?

If you want to help coordinate the distribution of food in your neighborhood, but you’re not part of a formal organization, you may want to become a Glean Kentucky Neighborhood Ambassador. Neighborhood Ambassadors are volunteers who distribute gleaned food directly to their food-insecure neighbors, typically from their own front yard. If you’re interested in becoming a Neighborhood Ambassador, please indicate that on the application above.


Who Receives Glean Kentucky Produce?

Click over to our service area map to see where our produce is distributed.