If you’ve paid much attention to Glean Kentucky over the last several years, you may have noticed a few key ways we talk about our work’s impact. We’re able to communicate this information thanks in large part to the feedback we receive from our partner recipients as part of our annual Program Evaluation survey. Here’s some of what we learned from our most recent evaluation:

  • Receiving gleaned produce allows 73% of our partner recipients to serve a higher number of clients.
  • 100% of this year’s survey takers told us that receiving gleaned produce allows them to serve food with higher nutrition and with more variety.
  • 55% of our partner recipients reported that Glean Kentucky is their sole source of fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • 82% of our partner recipients reported they’re able to spend less time or money acquiring fresh produce due to our partnership.

Year after year, this information has been vital to the way we talk about our work and for making improvements to our program. It has also been essential to our ability to raise the funding necessary to see this work continue. Keep an eye out for even more information about our impact in 2021 in our upcoming Annual Report – you can expect it around the start of March.