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There’s SO Much to Glean!
Aug 06, 2018 by Ben Southworth

It’s the busiest time of the year for us at GleanKY! We’re out dozens of times each week, working to ensure we can rescue as much excess produce as possible, while finding organizations and people who need it the most (see this awesome post about a recent glean in Woodford County!)


All in all, we gleaned just over 35,000 pounds of produce in July of 2018 – the most we’ve ever gleaned in a single month. We’re gleaning three times a week in Woodford County, we have a group gleaning around a thousand pounds each week from Franklin County, we make trips to Lexington grocery stores every single day. All of this is only possible with your help.


Take a look at our currently scheduled volunteer opportunities on SignUp.com – we update this page regularly as new sources of produce become available, so it’s always good to check in with it regularly!


If you have questions about becoming a gleaner, don’t hesitate to ask – I’m available at ben@gleanky.org or by calling (859)444-4769


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