October 1st marked my fifth anniversary with GleanKY. As I reflect on this milestone, I’m overwhelmed with memories of people working so incredibly hard for our mission. From everyone who has served on our board, to all of the staff members I’ve been fortunate to have on my team, to the hundreds of volunteers who have carried out our mission, to the donors who have trusted us with their treasure, I am proud to lead alongside each and every person in this organization.


Three memories stand out to me as shining examples of the power of GleanKY:


Last summer, we delivered local tomatoes and cucumbers just in time to the Food Pantry of Woodford County as the community reeled from a devastating storm.


In the winter of 2015, we turned 200 local pumpkins into pumpkin pies for our partner agencies to enjoy over the holidays.


And, on a cold snowy day in the spring of 2015, we hauled 5 tons of canned goods from Whole Foods Market to our partner agencies so they had the pantry staples they needed to make the best use of gleaned produce.


No matter the call to action (and no matter the weather conditions!), GleanKY has spent the last 9 years rescuing fresh produce and nourishing our neighbors in need. To serve as the leader of such a wonderful cause for the past 5 years is an honor I won’t soon forget.