Jim Earley

I am so excited to be here working for GleanKY and FoodChain in the newly created Farm-To-Kitchen Coordinator position. I consider the opportunity to work with these two stellar organizations a privilege as they endeavor to deepen their capacities to eliminate food waste, increase access to fresh food, provide food education, job training and employment to those who need it.


Over the next few weeks, I will be feverishly consuming all of the information that I can to get myself up to speed on all things GleanKY and FoodChain. Together we will begin to lay the groundwork for the systems that will be used to ensure that once the FoodChain commercial kitchen is fully up and running, the communication, transportation and logistics, record-keeping and anything else necessary to facilitate the smooth functioning of all of these moving parts is in place.


I look forward to meeting all of the volunteers, donors, recipients, employees and board members involved with both FoodChain and GleanKY over the next few weeks! I can’t wait to get to work with you!


See you soon!