Volunteers like Barb are the backbone of our work – without their work, there’s simply no way we could accomplish our mission. Barb floats throughout several of our recurring volunteer spots, finding different work each week to help us keep commitments to our recipients and sources.


From Barb:
‘I’ve been volunteering for Glean Kentucky for almost a year now. I did not realize that there were so many resources in the city of Lexington to provide a helping hand to those who needed it.


I became familiar with Glean when I picked up some seeds at the annual seed sale at Hunter Presbyterian Church, but It took some time to fully understand their true mission. Now I am pleased to be part of a program that reduces food chain waste and redirects produce through the cooperation of local farmers, markets and retailers and volunteers like myself.


I have learned so much through my volunteer time. I had no idea there were so many organized resources within the Lexington community who provided support in the way of food to those in need. I never considered how much produce with a defined lifespan had the potential to be wasted in the absence of GleanKY’s redistribution program. And lastly, I had not personally experienced the generosity of our local farmers and produce vendors up close.


It can be pretty exciting to pull in a big haul. As we drop off the goods, smiles abound. Sometimes it’s received by a local kitchen that cooks it up and serves a meal and on other occasions the produce is redistributed again to those who could not afford fresh produce this week. Sometimes it’s a sweaty and arduous job, but it keeps me moving and in shape. I look forward to the varied abundances that each season brings. And the gratitude of those we serve adds to the value of our gleaning.’