We gather and redistribute excess fresh fruits and vegetables to nourish Kentucky’s hungry.

Let’s go gleaning!

Volunteers are our lifeblood at Glean Kentucky, and in 2018 we took 1,127 gleaning trips to pick up 252, 317 pounds of produce for a total of 3,508 volunteer hours!

Gather . Connect . Nourish


How does Glean Kentucky work?

Gleaning means to gather small amounts from a variety of sources. Studies estimate that up to 40 percent of food produced in the United States is never consumed but ends up in the landfill. Glean Kentucky’s founders saw that Kentucky’s food system didn’t have the infrastructure in place to get excess food from point A (growers and grocers) to point B (hungry bellies), giving birth to our work. Glean Kentucky is a vital link between programs working with food-insecure populations and sources of excess fresh fruits and vegetables. By gleaning Kentucky, we help to bring food security to those without it!