This is Hannah Shapiro writing to you from Bowling Green, Kentucky. I am thrilled to announce that I have joined Glean Kentucky as the South Central Kentucky Lead Gleaner.

I have been a resident of Bowling Green for the past seven years and initially moved here to attend school. Throughout my education, I planned to pursue medicine but decided to explore different career paths during the COVID-19 pandemic. This inevitably led me to the realm of nonprofits, and in the Fall of 2021, I did my first internship with none other than Glean Kentucky!

This was a monumental experience for me because it aligned with my passions of promoting health and equity through food redistribution. This experience was impactful both for the communities we serve and for me personally, as it provided me with hands-on experience and allowed me to build relationships within the community.

Since my first internship, I have gone on to plan community health events, work with refugees, and have now come full circle back to Glean!

I am incredibly excited for this opportunity. Glean has a remarkable team, and I know that there is something to learn from each individual. I look forward to continuing to serve our community and am honored to be a part of this statewide initiative.

When I am not working I am probably either relaxing at home or making hearts with my loved ones around the world!

Looking forward to sharing more updates soon!