Each year, we conduct a Program Evaluation – a survey of the agencies to whom we deliver produce. The survey asks all sorts of questions about how their partnership with Glean Kentucky affects their work. Does gleaned produce allow you to serve more clients? Does gleaned produce help you save money? Do you receive enough fresh produce to meet your needs? Results from this survey are vital to our ability to talk effectively about our work, for writing grants, and for knowing how to improve what we do.

Results are in from our most recent Program Evaluation, and they continue to underscore the impact of our work on our partners. 96% of our partners told us that gleaned produce allows them to serve more nutritious meals to their clients. Gleaned produce allows 73% of our partners to serve more clients. 50% are able to save money because of donated produce. And for 59% of our partners, Glean Kentucky is their sole source of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Obviously, this wouldn’t be possible without the hundreds of volunteers who donate their time each year to make this happen. If you’re among that group of incredible volunteers, thank you for everything you make possible. If you think you’d like to be part of this work, we’d love to have your help. You can learn all about becoming a gleaner on our website – the process is smoother and more streamlined than ever.

P.S. – If this is the first time you’re seeing this sort of data about our work, you can see what these numbers (and many more) have looked like in years past by reading our previous Annual Reports. You can look for our report on 2020 by early March.