We’re off to a great start this year at GleanKY, with our volunteers and staff having already made over 150 gleaning trips in 2019. (I thought this was supposed to be our ‘slow season,’ right?!) As we gear up for another big year of work, we plan on gleaning more than any year before – meaning we need all the gleaners we can get.


Through May (or so), we’ll be on a major push to recruit new volunteers to help us sustain and grow our work. We’ll be out and about, speaking to groups throughout Central Kentucky – at libraries, churches, extension offices, and anywhere else we can draw an audience interested in learning about our work. We’ll also have a schedule put together soon of our volunteer training schedule, for those sessions we’ll have scheduled in our Lexington office.


How You Can Help:


The best way we connect with people is through word of mouth – the recommendations our stakeholders make about us to their communities are nearly always the most effective way for us to meet new people. If you think gleaning would be a great fit for your friends, family members, neighbors, coworkers, classmates, church members, or anyone else in your life, we need your help connecting with them! We’re always looking for opportunities to speak to schools, clubs, churches, and other groups, and are always appreciative of your help getting connected with them.


If you know of an opportunity like this, simply email me at ben@gleanky.org, and I can take it from there!