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Bring Your Group to Glean at Reed Valley Orchard
Aug 06, 2018 by Ben Southworth

Reed Valley Orchard

One of GleanKY’s oldest partnerships and sources of produce is with the great folks at Reed Valley Orchard – Trudie and Dana have so graciously allowed us out at the orchard each fall for nearly a decade, where we glean windfallen apples. It’s one of our favorite places to glean, largely because it means we have a good chance to host big groups of volunteers – church members, student groups, employees from a company looking for an opportunity to give back.


These apples make a big difference throughout Central Kentucky – we glean tens of thousands of pounds of apples each year, donating them to backpack programs and several other programs through the Bluegrass.


This fall, we’re especially looking for volunteer groups to join us on Friday mornings (9 AM – noon), starting August 17 through the end of October. Even if you’re not part of a group, and simply want to join us by yourself, we’d love to have you. Either way, just let us know – email ben@gleanky.org, and we’ll work to get you on our schedule.

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