From our Central Kentucky Coordinator, Jimmy Earley:

Happy New Year, everyone.

2021 is getting off to a great start here in Central Kentucky for Glean Kentucky.  Most of our volunteers are aware of this already after being inundated with emails over the last several weeks about it. Glean Kentucky has moved to a new data collection and volunteer management platform.

The software is called TrackItForward, and it represents a significant improvement for both Glean Kentucky volunteers and staff.  It gives volunteers a cleaner, faster interface to work with, contains no advertisements, and allows staff to access all gleaning and volunteer information in one place.  There are very functional TrackItForward apps for both iOS and Android phones.  The layout of the apps is very simple and allows you to both log gleaning information (Log Hours) and sign up for gleaning opportunities (Events).

We hope that you like it as much as we do!  The reviews from the volunteers who have had the opportunity to use it so far have been very positive.  Please let us know how you get along with it!   And if you have any questions about how to navigate our new environment, please reach out!  We’re more than happy to help!