Erica and Jennifer at the Heirloom Seed Sale.

Erica and Jennifer at the Heirloom Seed Sale.

I met Erica Horn 4 years ago while talking about gleaning with John Walker.  We didn’t know much about each other, but we did decided to work together to create a gleaning network.  I didn’t know at that time how much I would come to adore Erica.

It’s hard to know where to begin when talking about Erica – she has many great qualities!  She quietly supports many social justice and charitable efforts.  With a definite talent in leadership, she steps up to lead when needed.

Erica with gleaners at the Southland Dr. farmers' market.

Erica with gleaners at the Southland Dr. farmers’ market.

Erica with Janet and Jennifer having fun at the Saint Patrick's Day Parade

Erica with Janet and Jennifer having fun at the Saint Patrick’s Day Parade

Erica is a tremendously energetic and efficient woman.  Her leadership is not only motivational, but includes great organization and effort.  She guided the process and provided a strong foundation to move the mission of gleaning forward.  She works in the details and keeps us on track.  She loved the idea of gleaning and soon fell in love with the task of gleaning – meeting people, helping people, reducing waste and even learning more about vegetables!

Erica is a generous and thoughtful woman.  A heart not only filled with good intentions, but with actions.  Making time for people – personally connecting – not afraid to create meaningful relationships. She gives of her time, her money and her heart.

Erica is a faithful woman.  She holds her faith close and she is very engaged in her church community.  Long ago, Erica felt a call to “feed my sheep” – I think she smiles often thinking about this seemingly random encounter leading her to a significant effort to feed the hungry.

Erica and her nephew at a Reds Game - in a bear hat...

Erica and her nephew at a Reds Game – in a bear hat…

Erica is a funny woman.  She brings laughter to the board meetings, fun to gleaning and a warm, welcoming smile to all who crosses her path. She’s even brave enough to wear a polar bear hat out in public!

I can’t go without saying how much time (outside her full time job) she has and continues to put into the mission of gleaning to end hunger – it is her passion.  Erica and I have put significant amounts of our life into our newly shared passion and have grown close because of that dedication – we both have a new BFF.  I would not have enjoyed it as much without her – I admire her and her approach – professional, silly, hardworking and lofty goals – just how I like it!  A memory that always makes me smile is her comment about planning one of our annual business meetings – “I planned like it was a fortune 500 company”.  That is our approach – the staff and board of Faith Feeds|GleanKY takes gleaning for the hungry very seriously – the mission has attracted a fantastic, hardworking team – all of whom have a passion for gleaning to ease hunger.

Four years of gleaning in the bluegrass has yielded over 375,000 pounds of fresh edible fruits and vegetables, engaged over 300 volunteers and through partnerships with over 50 agencies and hunger programs, has fed thousands of people in central KY fresh nutritious meals.

Erica is a hero.  Faith Feeds|GleanKY would not be as successful without her, would probably not even exist.  You should get to know this wonderful person.

– Jennifer

Gleaning means to collect the excess, the remains of the crops.  Over 52% of produce grown in America is never eaten.  1 in 6 people do not know from where their next meal will come. Gleaning has proven to be a perfect fit.  Faith Feeds|GleanKY has brought healthier food onto the plates of low-income residents through reducing waste.