The picture above is a word cloud consisting of your words, your reasons to give to GleanKY.


This year, I conducted a survey with our donors from 2018. Whether they gave $1 or $1,000, I wanted to hear back from everyone about why they give to GleanKY. The results were beyond amazing. I want to thank everyone for their time and energy in answering my survey. You have helped us at GleanKY understand what motivates you. It is always easy to say you care about the mission, it means so much to learn how our mission resonates with you.


Here are some of the answers we received:


“Because it serves a much-needed purpose: providing access to fresh fruit and vegetables to people in Fayette and surrounding counties who would otherwise lack ready access.”


“I love how much sense it makes. I like helping people get food. For a time in my life I was food insecure and when you have children there is nothing more frightening.”


“Food is really important and shouldn’t be wasted!”
“The mission and values of GleanKY very much match my own.”
Would you like to take the survey? The survey is still open and we would love to hear from you! All answers are anonymous.