As we work to expand our work in Central Kentucky outside Fayette County, we need to develop a base of volunteers in each county as we develop relationships with new sources of food and recipients in those counties. We currently have two standing gleaning commitments in Woodford County for which we need volunteers.

The first is on Thursday mornings at 9am gleaning produce (and some bakery items) from Eckert’s Orchard. It’s a beautiful drive out Route 169 to get to Eckert’s.

The second slot is on Saturdays at 1145am, gathering produce from the fantastic and very friendly producers at the Woodford County Farmers’ Market.

The produce donations from both of these gleanings presently goes to the Woodford County Farmers’ Market, which also happens to be a very easy drive from both Eckert’s and farmers’ market.

If you live in or near Versailles or you’re just interested in going on a beautiful drive through Woodford County once a week, please let us know!!!