Retail grocery gleaning will officially begin in the South-Central region in January!

When I first joined the Glean Kentucky team, I was thrilled that three things I cared deeply about were found in one job: food equity, reducing landfills, and fruits/vegetables. I’ve enjoyed every minute and I appreciate each person I’ve met along the way. But, now it’s time to get down to business. This week, I drive a van back from Lexington. The first week of January my Feeding America, Kentucky’s Heartland (FAKH) Retail Coordinator will introduce me to the area produce managers. I’m excited but I’m a little nervous, too!

It’s a big job and I can’t do it alone.

If you read the post about my FAKH visit, you know they are the real deal. They are ready to support me as I start this new adventure. But what they can’t do is turn me into extra people! The goal is to provide regular gleaning to Sam’s, Meijer’s, both Walmart stores, and all three Kroger stores in Warren County. Then, we will branch into surrounding counties.

I will need your help to make this happen.

Luckily, FAKH understands this even better than I do. We will start slow, with Sam’s, and then build from there. I will be able to dive right in so I can understand the job of retail grocery gleaning. This will allow me to be an effective leader as I bring in volunteers to help me expand this crucial service. As always, it’s the volunteers that make all of this possible!

How can you help?

The retail grocery gleaning takes place mostly in the morning around 8:30-12:00. We’ve selected Monday-Thursday as our retail gleaning days. If you are willing to volunteer in Warren County during those times, please reach out to me. You don’t need to be available each day, just any part of them. If you have a vehicle that can hold some produce that’s a bonus but certainly not a requirement to help out. Please feel free to contact me

Thank you!

None of this would be possible without your help. We positively impact so many people every year. We save so much food from landfills every year. I know I speak for every one of us at Glean Kentucky when I say, we appreciate you!