Second Year Strong Start

I am stunned every month when I go back and look at how much produce we’ve moved.  The pounds for 2022 are well over 45,000 and going up each week!  We just added a new food pantry recipient that services the Hispanic community in Bowling Green.  Learning what works best for my recipients has been a process, but strategy is developing now.  South Central Kentucky is hitting its stride!

Gearing Up to Full Time!

Glean Kentucky started this region on part-time hours.  An amazing amount of produce rescue was done on few hours.  Now, we have enough work to expand into full-time and I’m so excited!  First on the agenda is Simpson County.  I’ll be working there with Live the Proof: helping people in the Franklin area with a range of needs, including food.  Next, I want to start some direct farm outreach since harvest season is coming quickly.  So much to do and now more time to do it!

United Way Grant

More exciting news came in June when we received our first United Way grant specifically for our South-Central region.  The meetings we attended earlier this year, and the paperwork that came with it, were my first experiences with grant applications.  I learned a great deal!  It was both a tedious and exciting process.  I can’t imagine the amount of work that must go into the process of allocation.  As I looked around the press conference room, I saw people I knew from agencies I serviced.  I know the kind of good work happening in this town and deciding how to support everyone they can, must be an impossible task!

One thing I see every day is that it really does “take a village”.  Everyone sitting in the room at United Way, every boot on the ground in the food pantries, every volunteer, and every resource/dollar given makes what we do possible.  Thank you for being part of our village!