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Say Hello to Our New Intern, Derris!
Oct 10, 2018 by Bekah Worster


Hello, and nice to meet you! My name is Derris Stanland, and I am the current intern for the Development Director here at GleanKY. I became interested in GleanKY after having learned about them and their mission through volunteer work I have done at one of their partner agencies, God’s Pantry Food Bank in Lexington.



I am currently in my junior year at the University of Kentucky pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and a minor in business. My interest in the intersection of business acumen, public policy making, and economics has led me to consider a JD/MBA dual degree program for graduate school in the long term. To this end, GleanKY has provided me an avenue to explore how each of these facets of politics impacts our society while remaining in Kentucky and contributing to important community problems in the local area.



When I am not poring over textbooks and writing furiously in class, I am either reading the latest piece of breaking news, cycling through my neighborhood, or trying a new ice cream flavor at Graeter’s.



Over the next few months, I will be assisting in planning our 2018 New Year’s Eve Fundraiser Event. I am looking forward to the opportunities GleanKY will afford me to get more invested in the greater Lexington community and meet plenty of passionate people. I hope I will get to interact with you through our fundraising initiatives and community events.

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