Faith Feeds has now passed the 16,000 lb mark for this season! Thanks to the generosity of dozens of local growers and volunteers, hundreds of nutritionally underserved folks in our community have shared in the bounty of the land that supports us all.

Last week we gleaned 750 lbs of produce from the Lexington Farmers Market that went to the Lexington Rescue Mission, Lighthouse Ministries, LaRoca, and Maxwell Street Presbyterian. In addition, the Episcopal Church of the Resurrection gave 20 lbs from their garden to the Haitian community and 5 lbs to St. Agnes House.

That being said, at this time of year we are presented with opportunities to glean in local orchards almost weekly. This usually occurs weekday mornings, with as little as one day’s notice. If you are available during the day and would like to help out, please contact us at the e-mail address to the right.

Thanks be for the hands that grow the food, the hands that gather the food, the hands that deliver the food, the hands that prepare the food, and the hands that raise the food to mouth!