Image Description: A young white human wearing a wide brimmed straw hat proudly holds just-harvested sweet potatoes over their head.

Hey, folks!

I’m excited to share that I will be working with Glean Kentucky as the new North Central KY Field Coordinator. I’ve been actively engaged in the Kentucky food system for almost a decade, so joining Glean is a natural fit. I’ve worked on several farms in the NCKY region, including running my own regenerative vegetable and flower farm. I have coordinated state and federal agriculture policy efforts, advocating with Kentucky farmers and eaters for policy that protects small farms and promotes local food access. I have organized with several grassroots food justice groups to combat food apartheid in Louisville. And the work continues. I’m looking forward to digging deeper in communion with y’all and getting more fresh food to people who need it. Please reach out to me at if you’re interested in getting involved in gleaning efforts in Oldham and surrounding counties.

Kelsey Voit (they/she)