McBrayer and Glean Kentucky Partner for 2020 Success


February 18, 2020 The staff of Glean Kentucky is elated to announce a partnership with McBrayer, PLLC for 2020. The firm donated $10,000 to help reduce food waste and food insecurity in Kentucky. When asked why this partnership was so important to McBrayer, managing partner James Frazier responded, “I really can’t speak for other law firms, but I can speak for McBrayer. The McBrayer model was built around a culture of consciousness of the community and I can honestly think of no better organization that reflects that community conscious than Glean Kentucky.” Beyond funding, the firm plans to send staff to volunteer with the organization throughout the year 


Glean Kentucky’s mission is to gather and redistribute fresh fruits and vegetables to nourish Kentucky’s hungry. The organization has rescued over 1.8 million pounds of fresh fruits and vegetables from grocers, local farms, and orchard since its start in 2010. The organization relies on volunteers to pick up the fresh produce from a variety of sources and immediately deliver the food to feeding programs and agencies across Central Kentucky.  


Glean Kentucky’s Executive Director, Stephanie Wooten, is thrilled about the partnership with McBrayer. She made remarks about the importance of the new relationship“The McBrayer partnership is really a turning point for Glean Kentucky. As many of you know we are celebrating our tenth year and so to announce such a strong partnership at a time when we are so proud of what we have accomplished, it gives us a lot of hope for the future. I can only imagine the impact that this partnership will have on Kentuckians who are hungry, as well as on our environment, as we work to reduce food waste and work to nourish our neighbors in need.” The funding from McBrayer will go directly to programming and serving Central Kentucky.