A Great Start

We gleaned retail grocery for three days. I was over-the-moon at the quality and amount of produce we rescued and donated. Lifting the produce boxes was challenging but it felt good at the end of the day. The food pantries were thrilled and the process was starting to flow. This start, long awaited and much anticipated, was better than anyone had imagined.

Life, Unplanned

Sometimes we make plans and then life steps in with its own ideas. This is one of those times. Some of you know that I was in a serious accident, and it dramatically impacted my ability to lift those boxes. I’m healing nicely and I have every reason to plan my return. For that, I’m incredibly grateful! While it was simple reality, this was not the start I planned for retail grocery gleaning. It’s time to make a new plan!

“Temporary setbacks are overshadowed by persistence” ~ Quentin L. Cook

A New Plan

I need volunteers more than ever now!  If you could see the amazing produce this program is providing, you would understand the urgency to get started again. I need a variety of volunteers and here are some specific needs:

  • Kroger
    Ability to lift about 25 pounds 2-5 times during the glean shift
    Available 1 morning or midday hour
  • Sam’s Club
    Ability to lift up-to 60 pounds 5-10 times during the glean shift
    Available 2 morning hours

Even if you can only help with a shift or two, it will make a big difference.
I’ve said it before, all help is good help so reach out if you’re interested!

Jerilyn@gleanky.org        859-444-4769 ext. 1002      Volunteer Glean Kentucky

“The beautiful thing about setbacks is they introduce us to our strengths ~ Robin S. Sharma