The Junior League of Lexington has partnered with GleanKY to support the apple program. Every week, GleanKY sends a team of volunteers to Reed Valley Orchard to collect wind fallen apples. Last year, the cost of our apple program was $2,600. The Junior League of Lexington granted GleanKY with a check of $1,300 to cover half the costs.


On November 2, the Junior League of Lexington got to work together to collect apples for area schools. With the College of Social work, the volunteers collected 966 pounds of fresh apples. I asked the sitting president of the League, Nanci House, about Junior League of Lexington and their strong commitment to the community.



1. Hey ladies! What is the Junior League of Lexington and the CE&R Committee?
The Junior League of Lexington is a nonprofit organization, dedicated to improving life in the Bluegrass and developing women leaders. Our purpose is entirely educational and charitable. We are a group of women dedicated to making our community better, helping one another and growing as leaders.
The Community Education & Research committee (within the JLL) accepts grants, listens to proposals and then proposes to the entire league several agencies that they believe the JLL should fund.

2. What are some of your favorite nonprofits in the community that Junior League has supported?
I’m a board member of the Chrysalis House, which was started with partial funding from the JLL. I’m also a board member of Dress for Success Lexington, which was started with a grant from the JLL. All the agencies I have interacted with, which have been supported by the JLL, have been great to work with. Cooking dinner at the Ronald McDonald House is always fun, as are so many volunteer opportunities.
3. Junior League gave a gift of $1,300 to GleanKY for the 2019 Apple Program, which gleans and delivers nearly 20,000 pounds of apples to local schools. Why do you feel this sort of program was chosen for funding?
GleanKY works hard to benefit the people of Central Kentucky. This particular program directly affects children and families who may not be able to afford fruit and nutritious food. GleanKY is definitely the sort of organization that the JLL wants to support.
4. What sort of practices do you have at home to prevent food waste? What are your biggest challenges?
At my house, we purchase only the food we need for the next few days. The biggest challenge is not having time to cook some of the food we purchase before it spoils, but we continue to work on that.
5. Thanksgiving is right around the corner! What are your favorite parts about the holidays?
The best part about the holidays is seeing friends and family and taking time away from work to relax.
6. What is your favorite way to eat an apple?
Baked in the oven with cinnamon and sugar – yum!
7. If a nonprofit wanted to apply for a Junior League grant, what advice do you have for them?
The JLL accepts applications for grants each year. My advice would be to apply timely and be upfront about all facets of your organization. The JLL is always looking for different ways members can be involved and better serve the community.
8. What events can the public look out for to help them support Junior League’s work in the community?
Our Horse Show and our Holly Day Market are just two of the ways that the public can support the Junior League. These are fantastic events that benefit the community. We also accept monetary donations. We work hard to preserve the Bodley Bullock House, our headquarters, and encourage the public to visit and tour during events and gatherings.
9. Finally, where can someone go to learn about the Junior League of Lexington?
Our website – – has lots of great information. You can also call our office (number on the website). The best way would be to talk to an existing member. I am always happy to talk to the community or prospective members about the JLL and the wonderful ways we contribute and grow as women, leaders and friends.