From Erica Horn:

We have had another amazing week.  This past week Faith Feeds collected and delivered approximately 1,250 pounds of fresh food from the Lexington Farmer’s Market and the church garden at The Episcopal Church of the Resurrection.

Yesterday’s harvest alone is impressive.  From the farmer’s market:  4 boxes tomatoes; 1 box zucchini ;  2 boxes cabbages; 1 box corn plus 6 big bags; 4 boxes squash; 4 boxes melons; 1 box greens; 4 boxes peppers; 2 boxes eggplants; and 1 box apples.

Please help us thank the farmer’s of the Lexington Farmer’s Market by patronizing the market!

Senior Girl Scout Troop 849 and others harvested 136 pounds of produce from Resurrection’s garden on Saturday – 68 lbs were donated to the Haitian community, 30 lbs were sold (with proceeds to be used to purchase a tiller) and 38 lbs were donated to God’s Pantry.  In 3 weeks, however, Resurrection’s garden has produced 238 lbs of food for the Haitian community to which it ministers.

Many thanks to all those who gave their time and presence for gleaning this past week.

And thanks be to the One who gives us hands and hearts to work and work enough to fill them!