Saturday, July 23rd, Faith Feeds was honored to host 15 students and 3 staff from the Governor’s Scholars Program.  In their 4th week of the program, the students and
staff  traveled to Lexington where they learned about The Croft, a community garden at Beaumont Presbyterian Church; traveled to the Bluegrass Famers Market off Boston Road to purchase produce for lunch; and the students met the Farmers who are generous supporters of Faith Feeds and our mission to help disadvantaged people in our community.  Market President Roger Postly met with the students and shared with them a taste of a fresh ear of corn, no cooking required.

Next, the students learned about Faith Feeds from the ground up – by gleaning.  Usually, we glean from the farmers ‘ markets, produce stands and other similar sources, but a hands on approach was Saturday’s approach.  Four plots at The Croft were planted solely for gleaning with produce to be donated to the Women’s Hope Center.  The students dug
potatoes and picked green beans and corn – 100 pounds of fresh food from the garden was harvested.

Then off to the kitchen, where the farmers’ market produce was prepped by some very inspiring Sous Chefs into a creation of Potato Chowder and Zucchini Bread.  During lunch, the students heard Jennifer talk about how Faith Feeds got started, it’s programs and what
it means to her.  After a lot of cleaning in the kitchen, the truck was packed with the crates of produce that had been gleaned, and everyone was off to the Women’s Hope Center.

Eight to ten women poured out of the building to help with the harvest.  Assisted by a quick offer from a student to help carry the heavy crates, the food quickly disappeared
into the kitchen.  “Thank you” and “God Bless” cheerfully filled the air.  It was the end of a long, fun, busy and inspiring day.  I hope the students were as inspired as we were.