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Gleaning update for week ending July 11
Jul 13, 2010 by GleanKY

Faith Feeds had another very exciting week, gleaning 36 boxes of food and 60 pounds of corn from the Lexington Farmer’s Market.  Bedford Acres Christian Church contributed a box of food from their church garden, and The Episcopal Church of the Resurrection donated 45 pounds of squash, zucchini, peppers and cucumbers to God’s Pantry.

Thanks to the One for this bountiful harvest, and for all those who grew it, transported it, prepared it, and ultimately ate it!

  1. Jennifer Barricklow on July 23, 2010   9:07 am

    Dear Anna,
    Thank you so much for your words of encouragement! Based on the response we’ve been getting to our own very modest local efforts, I would say this kind of ministry addresses more than one kind of hunger in our communities: hearts are as hungry for this work as bodies are hungry for the fresh food it delivers. Blessings on you and your work!
    Jennifer B.

  2. Anna, The Lemon Lady on July 22, 2010   12:37 am

    Dear Jennifer,
    Ah, how lovely to find you. 🙂 You’re blog is just beginning…the bounty will never end. I’m so glad you are doing this wonderful gleaning. We need more of YOU in the world. Please do keep in touch with me. I hope you and I can inspire others nationwide to help in this often forgotten way. Urban fruit that grows in neighborhood is also thrown out by many. We just need to promote and divert all that good food from being wasted. I’ll follow your work. Wish you all the best. Warm thoughts, Anna, The Lemon Lady in California http://www.thelemonlady.blogspot.com or AnnaAndAva@gmail.com

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