From Erica Horn:

Due to the extraordinary efforts of the Hamilton Park gleaning team and the generosity of Reed Valley Orchard and the farmers of the Lexington Farmer’s Market, Faith Feeds had its biggest week ever, gleaning 1,835 lbs.  We have now gleaned in excess of 10,000 lbs since June 17.

Reed Valley continues to open its gates to us, but we need folks who can go out during the day — if you have an interest or know of someone else who does, please let us know.

We need volunteers for the Tuesday and Thursday farmers markets through the end of September.  Please let us know if you can help.  Right now the pick-up time is about 3:30.

Summary of last week’s results:
Lexington Farmer’s Market – 915 lbs; Episcopal Church of the Resurrection – 302 lbs; Reed Valley Orchard – 695 lbs.  The grateful recipients included members of the Haitian community, Men and Women’s Hope Centers, the Catholic Action Center, La Roca, Maxwell Street Presbyterian, and Gods’ Pantry Food Bank.

This week is also off to an incredible start as the Hamilton Park gleaning team picked 600 lbs of peaches and 37 lbs of blackberries Monday !!!!!!!!!!!  These were donated to the Lexington Rescue Mission, Lighthouse Ministries, and La Roca.

Preserving news

La Roca held a big canning party on Tuesday, putting up dozens of jars of peaches and blackberries as preserves. They will be putting up corn on Wednesday 11 August from 3:30 to 8:00 p.m. All are welcome to drop by and lend a hand! (The address is 1015 N. Limestone in Lexington; phone is 859-255-0712.)