Last Thursday was a busy one!

I knew my plan was a little crazy, but I really wanted to attend this event on behalf of Glean Kentucky.  The day started very early picking up produce.  My goal was to be able to pick up from all 4 retail stores before I had to be at the Corvette Museum.  Luckily, I had a wonderful volunteer who helped with set-up so I could pick up food all morning.  Not only did I get to all of the stores for pick-ups, but I also managed one of my 4 drop-offs for the day.  I headed over to the event, parked the van in the shade, covered the produce with thermal blankets, and headed over to our table.


What an event!

The Warren Public Library truly outdid themselves with this incredible event. Their hopping  Summer Reading Kickoff:  Pirate Party  saw an estimated 2,000 people come through and the vast majority were children.  They set up everything from a pirate sand pit with buried gold coins to art and music stations.  Children were being evaluated for school readiness and parents were buying entire homeschool courses.  Table after table offered information to support families in various stages of needing support.


Finding volunteers!

Maybe it was all the fun being had but I was able to contact some potential volunteers.  Bowling Green is a growing area for Glean Kentucky, and we need volunteers!  Having the opportunity to connect with so many people was wonderful, and I feel confident that a few great volunteers will be the result.

If you’re a resident in the Bowling Green area and have kids, check this event out next year!  It was fun, exciting, informational, and supports the public library at the same time!