Glean Kentucky has been working hard this holiday season to ensure feeding programs in Central Kentucky have fresh fruits and vegetables for the holidays. The feeding programs use the produce in their holiday meal baskets, food pantries, and hot meals. Our staff and volunteers collect the produce from grocery stores and, rarely this time of year, from greenhouses. Gleaning hauls can be incredibly large as grocery stores overstock their stores for the abundance of shoppers. Some gleaning trips to Costco can even reach 3,000 pounds! The food is taken immediately to the feeding program where they serve the community. 73% are able to serve more because of these donations. 

It costs to run a program like this. Our vans need fuel, maintenance, insurance, and drivers. Our program staff work long hours using their experience and knowledge to make Glean Kentucky run smoothly. Our phone rings off the hook and our inboxes are filled with donation requests. We wish we could serve everyone.



At the same time, we are expanding. Last year we expanded to South Central Kentucky. Starting in January the organization will begin work in North Central Kentucky. While we have a large program in Central Kentucky, our ultimate goal is to nourish all Kentuckians who face food insecurity. 

Glean Kentucky relies heavily on donors, much like the 59% of feeding programs who rely on us for produce. Your donations empower our mission to gather excess produce and connect with feeding partners to nourish Kentucky’s food insecure. Your donation of $50 covers a gleaning trip. Your donation of $100 covers two weeks of fuel. 

Consider making a holiday donation, and even a holiday gift in someone’s honor, to Glean Kentucky. 


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