“The future of every community lies in capturing the passion, imagination, and resources of its people.” Ernesto Sirolli

National Farmers Market Week

We just finished a week of celebrating farmers markets around the country. I’m lucky enough to be part of a wonderful indoor, year-round community market in Bowling Green. The Community Farmers Market is a group of talented and passionate producers of all kinds. Of course, the market is packed with gorgeous vegetables, but you’ll also find everything from handmade body care and jewelry to wine and gluten free cupcakes! It’s lovely being part of a place that gathers the community around food and friends. What I love the most is the way the market supports the farmers and artisans to do what they love, every day.

Farmers Markets and Gleaning

When you spend your day delivering produce to agencies that feed people, it’s fun to deliver food that you know was in the ground just hours ago. Thanks to farmers markets, I’ve delivered the sweetest cherry tomatoes and cabbage as big as my head! Just last week I was able to deliver beautiful peppers and tomatoes to a new Bowling Green food pantry that serves our Hispanic community. Our generous donor farm, Top Crops (here is a wonderful video of them), is a regular at the market each week.

To all of the farmers markets around Kentucky, thank you for bringing us together and feeding us well!