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Where is Burgers & Beats!?
Oct 09, 2018 by Stephanie Wooten

This is a question we’ve heard a few times this year and, we’re happy you asked! Burgers & Beats was our primary fundraiser for 5 years and, boy, did we have a great time putting it on every year. This year, we decided to give Burgers & Beats a break and try a couple other fundraising events:


We gave galas a try in September when we hosted The Garden Gala. We appreciate everyone who came out to Fairyhouse Hall for a three course meal, live music, and special celebration of local food and beverages. We had such a wonderful time that we’ve decided to make the Gala an annual event! We’re already planning 2019’s gala and we’ve got a few surprises up our sleeves…stay tuned.


We also wanted to create a unique, one-time event to celebrate our growth across Central Kentucky. So, this year, we’re hosting a New Years Eve event at The Galerie in Versailles! This event will feature Burgers & Beats’ price point (and punny humor) and will celebrate all we’ve accomplished together this year. Details will be coming very soon.


Thank you for supporting GleanKY no matter what our events are called. We love FUNdraising with you!

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