From our South Central Kentucky Coordinator, Elaine Losekamp:

Glean Kentucky officially expanded to South-Central Kentucky in September 2020.  In the four months since we began working in South-Central Kentucky, our program has steadily grown.  Produce has been gleaned from three different counties in the region.  We have developed relationships with a number of feeding agencies and produce donors.  One of the most prolific relationships that we have formed has been a partnership with Community Farmers Market in Bowling Green, from which we glean surplus produce every week.  Although the pandemic has limited opportunities to connect with farmers, volunteers and feeding agencies and thus made the establishment of the new gleaning program more challenging, our expansion has been greeted with enthusiastic support from many members of the community.

We will continue to build the program throughout the new year.  To help accomplish this goal, Glean Kentucky is seeking a South-Central Kentucky Program Development Intern!  More information about the new position can be found on our website at  We look forward to continuing to expand our work of nourishing hungry people and fighting food waste in 2021.