We are excited to announce a brand-new way for community members in South Central Kentucky to engage with our work: this summer, Glean Kentucky is launching the South Central Kentucky (SKY) Advisory Council.  The SKY Advisory Council will support the growth of our program by bringing fresh perspectives, new ideas, and helpful connections.  Glean Kentucky has always aimed to supplement and support pre-existing efforts towards equitable food access and food waste reduction in the communities where we work. We hope this council will help inform our work with the voices and experiences of longtime stakeholders in the local food systems of South Central Kentucky.

Over the past year, we have benefited from the sage advice of our Faith Council, a group of religious leaders in Central Kentucky.  Many different congregations have helped support our work throughout the years, and our Faith Council provides another opportunity for leaders in that community to help guide and support our activities.  We hope that the SKY Advisory Council will follow in the footsteps of the Faith Council in providing us with helpful insights and connections.

We just need one thing to bring our vision to life: SKY Advisory Council members!  We are seeking residents of South Central Kentucky who are committed to developing a more equitable, environmentally responsible, and inclusive food system to join our SKY Advisory Council.  Members of the SKY Advisory Council could be farmers, representatives of feeding agencies, avid home gardeners, or anyone else who is passionate about developing a gleaning program in South Central Kentucky.  We will ask members to attend quarterly, approximately hour-long meetings and help share information about our work with the community. 

If this sounds like a good fit for you or you have any questions, please fill out our interest form and we will reach out to discuss next steps.  Feel free to contact elaine@gleanky.org with any questions.  We plan to initiate the SKY Advisory Council’s work with an introductory meeting in mid-July.