harvesting for the hungry


From Erica Horn: We have had another amazing week.  The One from whom all things come has richly blessed Faith Feeds. Because of the generosity of the farmers at Farmer’s Market, we collected and distributed over 1,000 pounds of food this week, approximately 700 of which were collected today. There are no words to express my personal appreciation to each of you for your time and efforts. There are no words, indeed.
Faith Feeds had another very exciting week, gleaning 36 boxes of food and 60 pounds of corn from the Lexington Farmer’s Market.  Bedford Acres Christian Church contributed a box of food from their church garden, and The Episcopal Church of the Resurrection donated 45 pounds of squash, zucchini, peppers and cucumbers to God’s Pantry. Thanks to the One for this bountiful harvest, and for all those who grew it, transported it, prepared it, | Continue Reading
Faith Feeds has had a very successful start thanks to our volunteers and, most importantly, the farmers at the Lexington Farmer’s Market. In June we gleaned on eight days, collecting approximately 95 containers of produce.  This produce was delivered to LaRoca/The Rock (for their Monday night meal and food boxes), the Catholic Action Center (who feeds three meals/day, seven days/week), Maxwell Street Presbyterian (for their Thursday night meal), the Women’s | Continue Reading
Making soup and canning it at Maxwell Street Presbyterian: Making pumpkin pies at LaRoca (The Rock) Methodist Church: If your place of worship or community center has a commercial grade kitchen, you could host a Community Kitchen event of your very own!