harvesting for the hungry


Faith Feeds has now passed the 16,000 lb mark for this season! Thanks to the generosity of dozens of local growers and volunteers, hundreds of nutritionally underserved folks in our community have shared in the bounty of the land that supports us all. Last week we gleaned 750 lbs of produce from the Lexington Farmers Market that went to the Lexington Rescue Mission, Lighthouse Ministries, LaRoca, and Maxwell Street Presbyterian. | Continue Reading
Last week, Faith Feeds gleaned about 500 lbs from the Lexington Farmers Market, and the Episcopal Church of the Resurrection donated about 30 lbs from their garden. Donations went to the the Lexington Rescue Mission, LaRoca, Maxwell Street Presbyterian, and the Haitian community. The Greater Souls Deliverance Apostolic Tabernacle on MLK Boulevard joined our team of emergency food agency partners. Greater Souls Deliverance serves an evening meal to neighborhood children | Continue Reading
Between Reed Valley Orchard, the Lexington Farmer’s Market, and the garden at the Episcopal Church of the Resurrection, approximately 1,089 pounds of food was gleaned this week. Donations went to the Lexington Rescue Mission, Lighthouse Ministries, LaRoca, God’s Pantry, and Maxwell Street Presbyterian. Many thanks to our faithful volunteers, and welcome to several new volunteers and partners!
August’s Eat Local Challenge, sponsored by Good Foods Co-op, is a great opportunity to thank all the local growers who have been so generous with their excess produce this season. Check out all the resources — recipes, fact sheets, and listings of local food sources — at the Good Foods web site: http://goodfoods.coop/Local-Interest. Then go shopping for your share of the wonderful food produced and prepared right here in the | Continue Reading
From Erica Horn: Due to the extraordinary efforts of the Hamilton Park gleaning team and the generosity of Reed Valley Orchard and the farmers of the Lexington Farmer’s Market, Faith Feeds had its biggest week ever, gleaning 1,835 lbs.  We have now gleaned in excess of 10,000 lbs since June 17. Reed Valley continues to open its gates to us, but we need folks who can go out during the | Continue Reading