harvesting for the hungry


The corn canning party at La Roca last Tuesday was an outrageous success! Get the details (and incriminating photos) at Seedleaf’s site: http://seedleaf.org.
From Erica Horn: We have had another amazing week.  This past week Faith Feeds collected and delivered approximately 1,250 pounds of fresh food from the Lexington Farmer’s Market and the church garden at The Episcopal Church of the Resurrection. Yesterday’s harvest alone is impressive.  From the farmer’s market:  4 boxes tomatoes; 1 box zucchini ;  2 boxes cabbages; 1 box corn plus 6 big bags; 4 boxes squash; 4 boxes melons; 1 box greens; 4 boxes | Continue Reading
Jul 22, 2010 by GleanKY
Bring ’em to La Roca UMC (1015 N. Limestone) this Tuesday, 27 July, for a canning bee! Corn is the main canning course, donated by the fabulous growers at the Lexington Farmers Market. For complete information, visit Seedleaf’s web site: http://seedleaf.org.
From Erica Horn: We have had another amazing week.  The One from whom all things come has richly blessed Faith Feeds. Because of the generosity of the farmers at Farmer’s Market, we collected and distributed over 1,000 pounds of food this week, approximately 700 of which were collected today. There are no words to express my personal appreciation to each of you for your time and efforts. There are no words, indeed.
Faith Feeds had another very exciting week, gleaning 36 boxes of food and 60 pounds of corn from the Lexington Farmer’s Market.  Bedford Acres Christian Church contributed a box of food from their church garden, and The Episcopal Church of the Resurrection donated 45 pounds of squash, zucchini, peppers and cucumbers to God’s Pantry. Thanks to the One for this bountiful harvest, and for all those who grew it, transported it, prepared it, | Continue Reading