harvesting for the hungry


Faith Feeds will begin the 2011 gleaning season on Sunday, May 1, at the Lexington Farmers Market.  Thereafter, we will be gleaning that market every Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday until sometime in October or November (depending on the weather). In June, we will add the Bluegrass Farmers Market and glean on Saturdays at the Richmond Road market and later in the season we will add the Boston Road location, also | Continue Reading
The Edible Garden Series will hold a workshop on “Dealing with Heat and Pests,” at Beaumont Presbyterian Church on Saturday 21 May from 10:00 to 11:00 a.m. The workshop will focus on techniques for monitoring and reducing stress factors that affect garden plants and will include watering, mulching, and disease and pest control. Gardeners of all experience levels are welcome. “Healthy plants are their own best defense against insect pests | Continue Reading
We would like to spread the word about a local CSA (community supported agriculture) program called Fresh Stop.  It is based out of First Presbyterian Church downtown on Market Street and receives fruits and vegetables weekly from a local farmer and orchard to distribute to their CSA members.  The great thing about this program is for every 3 CSA memberships, a membership is given to someone in need who otherwise cannot | Continue Reading
It was a very active day at the Arbor Day celebration, well over 100 stopped by our table.  Karen S. from Lexington was one of our prize winners and received a metal rake to help with yard and garden activities.  She is trying a raised bed for vegetable gardening this year.  Thank you Karen for your interest in Faith Feeds and best wishes for a full harvest this year! Faith Feeds | Continue Reading
Because of the generous and collaborative spirit of Bluegrass GreenWorks, Faith Feeds had a table at the Home and Garden Show this year on Sunday afternoon, April 10th.  Several people stopped by our table to learn more about Faith Feeds and Gleaning.  Sandy R., from Harrodsburg, was the lucky winner of a set of 8 Heirloom Seed Packets from the 2011 In-Feed Heirloom Seed Sale.  Her prize included Iris Candy | Continue Reading