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John demonstrates making soil blocks. The February 27th Your Edible Garden will be a hands-on workshop and discussion about how to start seeds and care for seedlings until they can be planted outside.   Gardeners of all experience levels are welcome to learn, share and network with those passionate about growing food.  “Even with the length of our growing season, many vegetables perform better if planted as established seedlings,” said John | Continue Reading
Faith Feeds will hold the Annual Heirloom Seed Sale on March 17.  We have opportunites for volunteers to help in preparation and during the sale event. Seed Packaging is scheduled for Saturday, February 18 from 9 am until 12 pm at Beaumont Presbyterian Church.  This opportunity is a seated event handling seeds from small to large in size.  Approx. 20 volunteers needed. At the Seed Sale, we need help gathering seed orders, greeting and | Continue Reading
Jan 30, 2012 by GleanKY
On Sunday, January 15, two Faith Feeds volunteers, Meg Swayze and Rachael Brugger brought together 30 youth and adults in the kitchen of Centenary United Methodist Church to prepare 20 pumpkin pies from scratch using pumpkins gleaned from Reed Valley Orchard. Think of the chaos of so many middle schoolers and helpers in one kitchen—most of whom have never made a pie from scratch—and you can imagine the EXTREME afternoon of cooking | Continue Reading
If you used your vehicle in the course of doing volunteer work for Faith Feeds, you can take a deduction of 14 cents per mile driven while performing those service.  This rate holds for 2011 and 2012. This deduction will only apply to those volunteers who itemize their tax deductions, and it is classified as a charitable donation – “use of a vehicle while rendering service”. Remember to keep track of your mileage | Continue Reading
Feeding America undertook the Map the Meal Gap project, with the generous support of the Howard G. Buffett Foundation and The Nielsen Company, to learn more about the face of hunger at the local community level. In August, 2011, with the support of the ConAgra Foods Foundation, child food insecurity data was added. This map reflects 2009 data; updates to include the recently released 2010 USDA and Census Bureau data | Continue Reading