Klint Arnold is a member of GleanKY’s Board of Directors, as well as the Chair of our Program Committee – find an update from him below about the work being done this year by our Program Committee:


‘2018 has been a big year for programming at GleanKY!  We’ve seen transitions with both committee leadership and committee members, but we are pushing full steam ahead to support staff and the work of the organization!  The purpose of the programming committee is to support the programming director in identifying, implementing, monitoring and evaluating GleanKY’s programs – and we take our role very seriously!  In 2018 – we have been looking at our core programming operations through a few different lenses.  First, we looked at other top gleaning organizations in the US – and reached out to connect with them…seeing what we could learn from how they approach the work in their communities.  Second, we’ve brought our own expertise to bear on problems and inefficiencies within our work.  Third, we have sought out key stakeholders involved in GleanKY to gather feedback on GleanKY’s programs.  Above all, we are a group who are passionate about the mission of GleanKY.  We have fun together and we work hard to help whereever we can.  One example of the committee giving back this year is the Outreach program.  Executive Director Stephanie Wooten attended a meeting mid-year and trained every member of the programming committee to represent GleanKY at outreach events around Central Kentucky…and we have signed up and shown up as frequently as possible.


If you’re interested in helping us fine-tune and grow the core programs of GleanKY in Central Kentucky – please reach out!  We’re a fun group and we are always interested in adding more folks to the team!’