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We Couldn’t Do It Without You
Jan 08, 2018 by Ben Southworth

As we cross over into a new year, we’re excited for what lies ahead – excited for the things we have planned, and just as excited for the surprises we’re sure to have (like we do every year!) But starting one year means finishing another, and your support is such a big part of doing that well – thanks to all our supporters and stakeholders, we were able to raise the funds we needed to cover all our costs in 2017!


As we grow, serving more of Kentucky’s food-insecure and rescuing more fresh produce, we need greater support to keep that going. Our community has repeatedly risen to fill that need year after year, allowing us increase our impact on our neighbors without easy access to fresh fruits and vegetables.


We’re still working to get our final gleaning numbers figured out for 2017, but we expect to have all that pulled together by the end of the month – stay tuned, and thank you again. Whatever those results end up being, we wouldn’t have been able to accomplish them without your help!

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