harvesting for the hungry


One of GleanKY’s oldest partnerships and sources of produce is with the great folks at Reed Valley Orchard – Trudie and Dana have so graciously allowed us out at the orchard each fall for nearly a decade, where we glean windfallen apples. It’s one of our favorite places to glean, largely because it means we have a good chance to host big groups of volunteers – church members, student groups, | Continue Reading
It’s the busiest time of the year for us at GleanKY! We’re out dozens of times each week, working to ensure we can rescue as much excess produce as possible, while finding organizations and people who need it the most (see this awesome post about a recent glean in Woodford County!)   All in all, we gleaned just over 35,000 pounds of produce in July of 2018 – the most | Continue Reading
Just In Time Delivery is a common phrase among non-profits working to solve hunger. The idea is that food is delivered from it’s source (a grocery, farm, food bank) immediately before a scheduled distribution. This ensures that food distributed to the community is as fresh as possible and that smaller feeding agencies don’t have the burden of storing food for long periods of time. To GleanKY, this phrase means something | Continue Reading
  Hey volunteers! You are so awesome! You are so wonderful! You are the reason GleanKY was able to donate over 224,000 pounds of fresh produce in 2017. I mean, that is about 613 pounds (give or take) a day. Just last month you worked with us to glean almost 35,000 pounds. You did that for other Kentuckians. There are people who are enjoying a nutritious and fresh meal because | Continue Reading
The vendors at the Lexington Farmers’ Market are some of GleanKY’s longest-standing supporters – back in the summer of 2010, GleanKY volunteers approached farmers at the market to ask what they did with all that produce they had left over at the end of a week at the market. So often, the answer was ‘sometimes we can take it somewhere to donate’ or ‘we wish there was an easier way to get our | Continue Reading