harvesting for the hungry


As we cross over into a new year, we’re excited for what lies ahead – excited for the things we have planned, and just as excited for the surprises we’re sure to have (like we do every year!) But starting one year means finishing another, and your support is such a big part of doing that well – thanks to all our supporters and stakeholders, we were able to raise | Continue Reading
New Volunteers   Are you curious what gleaning is all about? Come to one of our upcoming volunteer trainings in Lexington to learn more about how you can help prevent food waste and fight hunger in our community. Simply put, gleaning and food redistribution depend on passionate volunteers who are willing to do the dirty work of rescuing food that would otherwise go to waste. It’s not glamorous. It can | Continue Reading
It has become one of GleanKY’s favorite traditions. Every December, after we’ve gleaned as many pumpkins as we can get our hands on, GleanKY volunteers gather to process 100 pumpkins into 100 pumpkin pies. We puree the locally harvested pumpkins, add ingredients donated from a local grocery store, and freeze the pie filling for distribution to our network of agencies just in time for the holidays.   Each year, what | Continue Reading
On May 12, a friend of ours tagged us on Facebook comment. Joel, a farmer in Somerset, had posted a photo of a heap of strawberries, saying how much it bothered him to compost what he didn’t sell, simply because he didn’t have a place to take them.   Strawberries can be a tough thing for us to come by while we’re gleaning, so that Monday we loaded up the van and drove to Pulaski County | Continue Reading
Calling all new volunteers! This winter is a great time of year to see what gleaning is all about. And lucky for you, becoming a gleaner has never been easier! Since our regularly scheduled volunteer trainings have all concluded for the year, interested folks need only to visit our gleaning calendar, sign up for a day that fits their schedule, and let us know that you signed up for your | Continue Reading