harvesting for the hungry


One of the things that attracted me to GleanKY as a volunteer and what has kept me around to serve in many different capacities over the years is the attitude of gratitude our organization practices. To be quite frank, we can’t do this work alone. Gleaning simply wouldn’t be possible without the cooperation of many people, including the farmers and grocers who alert us when there’s an abundance of produce.  | Continue Reading
One of the things GleanKY has historically been good at is responding to a need, whether that need be to feed or to harvest. So when we received word on a Thursday morning that buckets of strawberries on a farm in Pulaski County didn’t have final destinations, of course we sprung into action. Pulaski County isn’t inside GleanKY’s current service region, but that’s OK. When a community reaches out to | Continue Reading
Whether at the farmers market, in the back of the grocery store, or on the farm – wherever you find food waste happening, you’ll likely find GleanKY. Now, you might even find us at your CSA pickup. This season, we’ve started gleaning two CSA programs in Lexington – one at Growing Together Preschool and the other at the Lexington-Fayette Urban County Government Center.   There are a number of reasons | Continue Reading
If you’re free on the evening of May 25, we could use your help!   GleanKY will be the recipient of all tips from pouring beer at Thursday Night Live on May 25. This is a big event, with thousands of people in attendance regularly—it serves as a great chance for GleanKY to raise money and spread the word about the work we do.   With so many thirsty attendees, | Continue Reading
Want to glean in Lexington this May? Opportunities abound! Here are some of the ways you can help scrap hunger and food waste:   Mondays at 10am – Glean Lucky’s Market and deliver to Moveable Feast and Embrace Church. Mondays at 3pm – Glean Fresh Market and deliver to Lighthouse Ministries. Wednesdays at 2pm – Glean Fresh Market and deliver to Main Street Baptist Church. Thursdays at 10am – Glean | Continue Reading