harvesting for the hungry


Did you miss this year’s Heirloom Seed Sale? Not to worry, we still have seeds in supply to help you get your garden started. Use this opportunity before spring sets in to order GleanKY’s heirloom seeds online or via one of our pop-ups taking place in March and April. Order Seeds Online Ordering heirloom seeds from GleanKY online is simple: View available seeds here: https://tinyurl.com/gleankyseeds Send your order to info@gleanky.org. Pay for | Continue Reading
Would you give an hour or two of your time to combat food waste and hunger? Volunteers are needed to help glean and deliver food in Lexington the following times in April: Thursday 4/6 @ 10am – Fresh Thyme Monday 4/10 @ 10am – Lucky’s Market Monday 4/10 @ 12pm – Lucky’s Market Wednesday 4/12 @ 3pm – Fresh Market Thursday 4/13 @ 10am – Lucky’s Market Thursday 4/13 @ | Continue Reading
If you’re eager to plant some Brandywine tomatoes after our last installment of “Life Of A Seed” and you want to know what else you can plant in your garden, look no farther than the Kentucky Wonder Pole Bean. The Kentucky Wonder is an ancient pole bean that can be traced all the way back to the mid-1800s and is stringless when harvested young. The awe-inspiring trait of this bean is | Continue Reading
In GleanKY’s goal to prevent food waste, our top priority is getting edible food into the hands of those who can use it. Occasionally, though, a portion of food that we gather is no longer good to eat. It’s either overripe, has mushy spots, or is seriously blemished, and may even have signs of mold or pests.   The volunteers who keep GleanKY running are all passionate people who are | Continue Reading
  There are many ways that GleanKY obtains the produce that we glean. Sometimes we go to grocery stores that are tossing out their excess inventory. Other times we go to farmers markets, where farmers give us the produce that didn’t sell and will likely spoil before the next market day. And then there are the times we go out to the fields and orchards to glean—those times are the | Continue Reading