harvesting for the hungry


Teddi Twombly is an active member of GleanKY’s Franklin County chapter. She travels wherever she sees the need to glean and has played a huge role in rescuing produce from U.K. South Farm in Lexington, Hazelfield Farm in Owenton, and, of course, several locations around Frankfort. When did you start volunteering with GleanKY? 2015   Why do you glean? So edible food doesn’t go to waste and children in need | Continue Reading
July is already a busy month for gleaning, and it’s become even more so now that we are gleaning 6 days a week at Whole Foods. Check out some of the ways you can be involved below: Grocery Stores Some of the grocery stores you can help glean in Lexington this month include: Mondays at 10am: Glean Lucky’s Market and deliver to Moveable Feast and Embrace Church. Tuesdays at 10am: | Continue Reading
  About half of the food we glean in our Fayette County chapter comes from grocery stores. That means our volunteers are on the road 364 days a year, picking up unsold produce from grocery stores and delivering it to our partner recipients who are feeding the hungry. The demand for this type of gleaning is on the rise, which means we need more volunteer power to keep that food | Continue Reading
If you haven’t been to the new Whole Foods at The Summit at Fritz Farm in Lexington, it’s definitely worth checking out. Our team got a sneak peak prior to opening day, and we’re in awe of the now bigger and better produce section. What we’re even more excited about is the opportunity to glean from the store six days a week. Starting Monday, we’ll have opportunities for volunteers to | Continue Reading
  GleanKY was honored to be recognized as a Classy Awards Finalist this month. The award recognizes 10 innovative nonprofits and social enterprises working to address complex social problems in creative and impactful ways.   Our nomination for this award took our program director, Rachael, and me on an adventure to Boston that included participating in The Collaborative, a three day conference for nonprofits, entrepreneurs, funders and tech companies interested in social | Continue Reading