harvesting for the hungry

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Jun 30, 2017 by Stephanie Wooten
  GleanKY was honored to be recognized as a Classy Awards Finalist this month. The award recognizes 10 innovative nonprofits and social enterprises working to address complex social problems in creative and impactful ways.   Our nomination for this award took our program director, Rachael, and me on an adventure to Boston that included participating in The Collaborative, a three day conference for nonprofits, entrepreneurs, funders and tech companies interested in social | Continue Reading
Near the playground at Hill-n-Dale Christian Church lie five raised bed gardens overflowing with fruits and flowers of labor from Girl Scout Troop 1085. In May, the scouts went from playing atop the abandoned beds before their Thursday meetings to dreaming up a generous project that involved revitalizing the beds to grow food for Lexington’s hungry.The troop brainstormed a plan of action and, with permission of the church, emptied out | Continue Reading