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Because GleanKY runs on volunteer power, it’s important to document what everyone is up to. GleanKY’s Record-A-Gleaning form provides a way for us to keep track of where we’re gleaning, where we’re bringing food, and how much produce we’re collecting. For our data collecting procedure, it’s important that volunteers report their gleaning activity within 24 hours of their gleaning trip. To make this easier for you, we’ll show you how you | Continue Reading
Jul 28, 2017 by Jordan Engel
This time of year is peak growing season, and it’s also a time when many of our volunteers happen to be out of town on vacation. That means that we need gleaners more than ever to help make sure that fresh produce in Lexington isn’t going to waste, and is helping to feed our neighbors. Check out some of the ways you can be involved below:   Grocery Stores Some of | Continue Reading
Jul 13, 2017 by Jordan Engel
July is already a busy month for gleaning, and it’s become even more so now that we are gleaning 6 days a week at Whole Foods. Check out some of the ways you can be involved below: Grocery Stores Some of the grocery stores you can help glean in Lexington this month include: Mondays at 10am: Glean Lucky’s Market and deliver to Moveable Feast and Embrace Church. Tuesdays at 10am: | Continue Reading
Jun 27, 2017 by Jordan Engel
For those who have ever volunteered with GleanKY before, you know how helpful boxes can be. We gleaners are many things—harvesters, drivers and movers—and it’s in the moving of fruits and vegetables that boxes become quite handy.   Many of our volunteers gather up their own boxes prior to gleaning, and that’s fantastic! But for those who don’t know where else to procure boxes, GleanKY is fortunate to have a | Continue Reading
Jun 01, 2017 by Jordan Engel
June is the month that many of our seasonal gleaning opportunities, like farms and farmers markets, really start in earnest. Check out some of the ways you can be involved below:   Farmers’ Markets One way that you can get involved is by helping us glean at the Lexington Farmers’ Market on Southland Drive every Sunday. We need 4-6 volunteers to meet us at the market each Sunday at 1:45pm | Continue Reading