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Lexington Food Justice Radio is Back!
Apr 06, 2017 by Ben Southworth


UPDATE: Hear our first show back on the air with Stephanie Wooten and Dr. Keiko Tanaka!


After several months of reruns, I’m excited to announce that new episodes of Lexington Food Justice Radio will begin airing Friday mornings at 10 AM on WLXU. If you live in Lexington (especially within New Circle Road), you can tune into the terrestrial broadcast on 93.9 FM – if you live further out, you can hear it online on Lexington Community Radio’s website. And, of course, you’ll be able to listen to recordings of the show online.


I’m grateful to have the help of Rowena Mahloch in the revival of the show – she’s done a fabulous job getting things organized and envisioning a version of the show that I hadn’t been able to previously. She runs a food // lifestyle website, where she discusses a diet of food closest to its most natural form: food which is “unprocessed or minimally processed food that is sustainably farmed.”


The first new episode of the show will air April 14 at 10 AM, featuring GleanKY’s Executive Director, Stephanie Wooten. She’ll have just returned from her trip to Salt Lake City, attending the first Annual Gleaners Symposium, and we look forward to speaking to her about it and what she hopes to put to work in Lexington. For the latter portion of the show, we’ll be joined by The University of Kentucky’s Dr. Keiko Tanaka, who will give us an overarching look at Lexington’s local food systems and the work she does at UK.


We hope you’ll tune in (or catch the recording soon after it airs), and that the show can serve as a resource to people in our community. You can also follow us along at our brand new Facebook page, where you’ll be the first to know about upcoming shows!


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